The Handmade Cracker Company makes traditional crackers with a contemporary twist. We want to create items that inspire and are beautiful in every detail.

Welcome to The Handmade Cracker Company; aspiring to make something simple become unique and beautiful. Winter 2016, Ellie created the business from the love of creating beautiful, quality items that bring people simple joy. Every cracker is uniquely illustrated or designed to make something really special for everyone; from the kids to the adults with an inner child, or the more refined customer. As the name says, every cracker is made by hand using beautiful, premium quality paper from UK suppliers, that is picked specifically to benefit and enhance each design. Being as eco-friendly as possible means we encourage you to recycle almost all of our packaging and our gifts are a little more unusual than most. The gifts are meant to bring fun, and possibly a little competition, to the table while pulling the crackers with friends and family.