Christmas Crackers Box of Six Vintage Christmas



Box of Six Luxury Handmade Christmas Crackers.

Handmade Christmas crackers with a vintage red and blue theme with a snow globe at the centre surrounded by flurrying snowflakes. You can have your guests names written on the snow globe so they can also double up as place names or simply leave it blank for your traditional style Christmas.

Every cracker has a wonderful snap when pulled apart, a shimmering gold foil paper hat, a joke and a filling. We aim to create fillings that are slightly different, whether as a memento of the occasion or something to possibly bring a little competition to the table. 

Click HERE to see a list of the fillings.

Available in the traditional size or smaller size, often know as a teacup cracker.

In an effort to be as eco-friendly as possible we are now offering "Windowless" packaging. This is completely optional with no extra cost but simply uses less plastic as your crackers will arrive in a branded box without the display window. 

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